Fistula Relief for Africa

How You Can Help

In order to achieve our goals, FRFA relies upon donor support. Donations will be utilized as grants for doctors and clinics in sub-Saharan Africa that are working with Obstetric Fistula patients. Grants will be used by humanitarian and relief organizations, religious organizations, educational institutions, and grassroots organizations, providing assistance to local populations. By making grants to organizations as described above, FRFA will fulfill its own charitable purposes. To donate now, click on the button below.

Safe And Secure

If you prefer to mail in your donation, please Click Here for a printable PDF of our Donate By Mail Form. Donations are tax deductible. You may also view a PDF of our IRS Charitable Status Letter by Clicking Here. Thank you in advance for helping make a tangible, life changing difference in the lives of countless women in the developing world.