Fistula Relief for Africa

About FRFA

Fistula Relief Foundation for Africa (FRFA) is a public charity that provides support exclusively to clinics and hospitals engaged in Obstetric Fistula surgery and repair. In an effort to increase awareness that both treatment and funding is available, FRFA is working to support education and community outreach. FRFA is building relationships with local communities and organizations in order to create sustainable transportation systems and community education networks. This not only serves to alleviate individual suffering, it also acts as an agent of change to help de-stigmatize the condition. The projects FRFA engages in serve to facilitate autonomy for the healthcare providers, clinics, and local populations.

The following are examples of projects and program fundraising that FRFA is engaged in:

  • Actual cost of surgery
  • Funding for medical training in the performance of Fistula surgery
  • Salary incentives for nurses and other medical staff who are willing to commit to work with Fistula patients
  • Provide a steady flow of medical supplies
  • Salary for transportation coordinators and local project administrators who will serve as liaisons with the clinics
  • Building and furnishing hostels to serve as pre- and post-operative patient quarters
  • Funding for meals for the patient and her family during treatment
  • Purchase and maintenance of a van and the establishment of a shuttle service for the dedicated use of each Fistula clinic
  • Community education and outreach